anniversary reflection

One year ago today I was boarding a plane in Boston bound for Delhi, India… I had a backpack, one-way ticket and a whole bunch of hopes, dreams, ideas, fo’ real anxieties, fears and even (some) strangely calming confidence coursing through my veins about what I was embarking upon.  Even though I have now been home for almost as long as I was farming, traveling and living in India, I still have trouble articulating what exactly happened during those six months.  Things that I am certain of: I am certain that I gained a much more intimate knowledge my physical body and soul. Given the priceless gifts of time, space, attention, and care, I was actually able to heal broken parts of my being that I had long ago considered unfixable, dismissed and forgotten about. I am also certain that the biggest lessons from my journey in India are still unfolding …

In addition to this, all I will say at this time is that I realize how fortunate I was to be able to give myself time to travel alone, and that I am sincerely grateful for every gift of friendship, knowledge, skill, laughter, tears, courage, humility and so on, that I have received as a result.

This will not be my last blog post.

Reflections will surely continue to surface. Most importantly, I soon expect be able to reflect on my experiences on farms in the valley, mountains and within a “universal town” in South East India. . .




One thought on “anniversary reflection

  1. Dear Julia,
    Thank you for your thoughtful posts. We all so enjoyed them and do hope you will continue when you feel inspired. – Emily

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